Earth Moving & Heavy Equipment
Lawn & Garden

Sod Cutter (Power)

Gas Powered Sod Cutters

Cuts 12″ strips

We have these 2  models.

Billy Goat (smaller one)  Model Pricing:  $55/4 Hours or $95/ 24 Hours

Ryan (larger one) Model Pricing:  $65/4 Hours or $105/24 Hours


Pricing Above

Contact us to rent or to ask questions about this item.

Some pictures are internet based. Items may vary in looks and colors.

Delivery & Pick Up Charges

Decorah Area City Limits: $50

($25 delivery & $25 pickup);

Outside City Limits: $3.50 per loaded mile;

Trailers are available for your hauling convenience for a minimum fee.

Deposit & Payment

We require a deposit on some items at the time of reservation and during rental of the item. Credit card and drivers license info is preferred to be on file while the item is out on rental. All items are to be paid in full before delivery or at pickup. Prices are subject to change at any time.